Reminder: We’re playing at The Vatican’t (3213 Joe Hammer Square) tomorrow night with a bunch of awesome bands. 7:00pm $5 for touring bands.

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Learn the new songs, get weird with us.


Shows (We’ve got some & We need some!)

We’re playing at Garfield Artworks with Good Weather For Airstrikes, Hampshire, Nameless in August and The Parkview. July 7th (THIS SATURDAY!) at 7:00pm $7. Come early to see us and hang out.

July 16th we’re playing at Mr. Roboto Project with William Bonney, Alta, Relationships, and Brightside. Super excited for this show, no punk time on this shit. We play at 7:00 sharp so get there early (like really early, hang out with us. Maybe we’ll eat some Spak Bro’s pizza) 

These are our only scheduled shows (that are confirmed) and we really need more. A lot more! If you want to play with us, let us know. Let’s get something together. 

Also, Nick’s been playing drums live for Rose & Sara, so don’t miss out on their shows. Like Sunday, July 8th at Garfield Artworks with Saintseneca, Bellows, Real People and Ursa Major. 

Two shows next week.

June 17th at Garfield Artworks with Barrow, Brightside and Purge. 7:00pm 

June 18th at The Mr. Roboto Project with The Hospital Blues, Red Hands, Sikes! and New Vegas. 7:00pm [$5]. 

Also, Nick’s going to be playing drums for Rose & Sara on June 12th at Garfield Artworks, so go check that out

Check out all the bands, we’re excited to be playing with all of them. Hope to see some people out there. 

Slight change to the line up on the 18th at Roboto. Still just as awesome. We might have something new for you by then…we’ll see. 




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Just wanted to say thanks so much to everybody who came out to the show last night with Defeater, Code Orange Kids, Oldfears and Dead Regret. That was a lot of fun. Here’s a video of Hunting Painted Foxes which will be on our new EP we’re recording in June. Our next show is May 15th at Roboto with Fero Lux, Oldfears, Hospital Blues, William James and Cerce. $5 at 7:00. Don’t miss it 

Pittsburgh! Smiling Moose! This is Tuesday!

Defeater // Code Orange Kids // Oldfears // Dead Regret // Worn Colors.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/156267187829847/

$10 advance//$12 at the door. Let us know if you need a ticket worn.colors@gmail.com 

We'll be recording a new record in June, stream/download the first demo for free. If you like it, pass it along.

William James and Cerce added to the show on May 15th. This lineup is fucking absurd, don’t miss out.